Tiina Heiska – Patent Shoes

g a l e r i e s u s a n n i e l s e n

1 4 rue de s coutures s t ge rv ai s f – 75 00 3 pa r i s

2 2 septembe r – 3 november 2 00 7

galerie susan nielsen presents from the 22nd of september to the 3rd of november Patent Shoes , a personal show by the

Finnish artist Tiina Heiska. The show launches our new space situated in the centre of one of the most dynamic gallery districts

of Paris the Haut Marais, and it is with great pleasure we invite you to attend the opening reception on saturday 22nd of september

from 5pm till 9pm.

The show consists of a new series of paintings entitled Patent Shoes , where Tiina Heiska further explores themes already

embarked upon in the previous solo exhibition Hotel . Her work revolves around the concept of identity focusing on perception,

transformation and desire, through questions posed into the realm of sexuality, age, and gender.

Patent Shoes is about a strange green light, in a room where a woman wakes up in a middle of a dream, and about the

vulnerable flesh-like colour of a girl’s dress; about sensations of silky hair flowing forwards, covering the face, and about red shiny

shoes. Especially objects that are charged with transitional qualities are issue to her painting, turning into fetishes fulfilling voids of

reality. The paintings convey hopes, fears, even anguish; they are ’a journey into to fantasy and fears, a space where identity is

constructed from imagination’.

From the essay ‘Changing the plot’ written for the present show by art historian Maria Bregnbak:

“A female character, whose age is rarely discernible, and whose surroundings convey the peculiar sadness of impersonal hotel

rooms, frequently inhabits Heiska´s paintings. This seductive and yet vulnerable looking creature often appears to be balancing on

the edge between woman- and girlhood thus charging the images with a dangerous sexual quality.

The characters in Heiska´s work, her dramatis personae, always have a double existence, for although they seem to be caught in a

snapshot, trapped in the briefest moment in time; they are also rendered lasting through the slow and durable media of painting.

Heiska´s work thus expresses a longing for the moment, the instant, where everything can still happen, where possibilities are plenty,

and where a crime can still be avoided or the waiting for the lover will end”.

Further information and digital photos are available at the gallery contact +33 (0)1 44 54 04 07 or +33 (0)6 85 05 14 82

(website under construction)

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